Stone Nest want’s to make sure you are familiar to various events happening in Kotor and around Kotor bay so we prepared this guide of Kotor Cultural Events where we summarized the most popular traditions.


1. International Children’s Festival

Kotor’s Children’s Festival has been in operation since 1993 and has about 70 premiere programs and 20 participating countries. During the day, various children’s creative workshops take place in the squares and up to 5 different performances take place in different venues throughout the evening. Up to 1000 children and adults participate. The festival runs from July 1 to July 12, which is when the best performances are selected and awarded. This represents the crown of Kotor Cultural events, so if you are here during it’s run be sure to stop by.


2. Don Branko’s Music Days

Since 2008, the festival has been named Kotor Art Don Branko’s Music Days in honor of its Honorary President Don Branko Zbutega, who has supported and promoted the finest musical works. The program is rich and diverse, based on classical music. During the event, you will see many local but also international stars such as Isak Adizes, Ivo, Pogorelic, Lugansk, Berezovski, Simon Crawford Philips, Lisice, and many more.


3. Pjaca of the philosopher

Philosopher’s Market was launched in 2010 for 4 days and held at the cinema market. Each year there is a new topic where prominent writers, historians, publicists, philosophers and ethnologists lead discussions.


4. International Festival Klapa Perast

This festival consists of a showpiece and two competition concerts in all categories for a duration of 3 days at the beginning of July.


5. Sea rock festival

Takes place on the beautiful setting of a summer stage right on the walls of the old town in Budva. The festival is specific for its not-for-profit character, limited solely on a volunteer basis, and entry is free. Due to its specificity, the festival has created interest across Europe.


6. International Fashion show

Magnificent event of beauty and style takes place on August 16 and 17 in front of the Cathedral of the Holy Tripun and promotes young creators. From year to year, it is possible to see the world-famous designers lie Gattioni, Zan Pole Gotje, Duric, Boris Calic, Tijana Todorovic, Verica Rakocevic amongst many.


7. 11th International Summer Carnaval

The Summer Carnival is full of good entertainment with a variety of programs and great attendance. It is held in early August and lasts for 3dana. In 2005 carnival received the WBA award as the best manifestation in Montenegro, as well as the Kotor City Award for promoting tourism and history of Montenegro.


8. Kamelija fest

Its a traditional festival that takes place during the mid of March and consists of a selection of the most beautiful camel flower arrangements, various arts, a rich cultural and entertaining programs.


9. Bokeljška Noc

Bokeljška Noć dates back to the 19th century and then it was called Venetian night. In the mid 20th century it was named Bokeljša Noć and in 2013 got the status of intangible cultural heritage. In consists of 50 decorated boats making 3 rounds across Kotor, and in the end a big firework is held while the judges decide which boat has best.


Winter Events

During the winter period, there are numerous festivities throughout December and January, with the biggest one being the New Year’s Eve celebration.   After that, there is a winter carnival that is visited by participants from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and many other neighboring countries.

The days of St, Tripun is a tradition that dates back to the 9th century. when the Kotor navy performed Bokeljški dance in front of the cathedral. The festive ceremony is followed by the church’s choir and city music. It starts in late January and ends in early February.

Traditional winter carnival as a centuries-old manifestation aims at connecting cultural heritage and tourist offer of Kotor. This is certainly a unique animation event that takes place mainly in February or March and Includes: children masquerade, carnival exhibition and various live music programs and a large selection of Boka cousins.

We hope you enjoyed reading our summary of Kotor Cultural Events and that it will help you choose the most interesting for yourself.