The ancient town of Kotor, located in the Kotor Bay, is covering 31km of coastline and about 22,000 inhabitants. The old town center, which has not changed much to this day, is surrounded by 14km long walls, and on each side is a river that ends into the sea. There are 3 entrances into the old town, the main one is from the sea called “Vrata od Mora” and 2 smaller ones from each river. The city center is intertwined with streets and squares, beautiful stone palaces in which a hectic life takes place every day.

kotor guide

In front of the main entrance to the old town, you’ll find a stone kiosk which is an official Kotor guide. You can get all the information you are interested in, or simply get a free city map and go exploring.

In 1979 the city was added to the UNESCO list for its beauty and authenticity.
In 2000, the Bay of Kotor is listed among the 25 most beautiful bays in the world.
In 2017, Kotor city walls were added to Poland on the World Heritage List of outstanding importance.

In this area, archaeological research shows the existence of an ancient prehistoric age. The first settlers of these areas were Greeks, Illyrians, and Romans. After the tumultuous historical events, it was not until 1918 that the territory was returned to Montenegro.

Cultural heritage is enormous in this region. Each place has its own story, legend or celebrity that has left a significant impact in society. Even today, most of these traditions are repeated and are always a wonderful sight to see and experience. One of the special if not the most significant buildings is the Roman Catholic cathedral of SV Tripun from 809. At every corner of this city, there is something significant to see and learn, with thousands of years of history Kotor is truly unique.

kotor guide

The main thing you will see once you walk in Kotor from the main gate is the city tower and column of shame. City tower has a clock mechanism that is almost 400 years old and working till this very day.

The Kotor summer guide program is impressive and packed almost every day. The squares are full of various events, and  the most significant are:

1. Don Brank’s Music Days
2.Festival for children theater
3. Festival klapa Perast
4. Market to the philosopher

Within the cultural center of the city, there is a city gallery
-Reading room and library
-Boka Cinema
-Cultural Center(hosts more diverse domestic and foreign performances, folklore society, school of dance, acting and ballet ..)
– City Sailors Museum
– Cat Museum

Certainly, the benefits of this destination are comprehensive. There are few destinations in the world where you will find an offer with such a diverse repertoire. Nature lovers in all forms have a choice of mountains, lakes, rivers, seas and beautiful untouched landscapes.
Kotor guide offers various possible solutions for your interests, whether you belong to lovers of speed, nature, sports, fun or history, everything is there and you are all welcome! To learn more about what you can do on your trip check out our blog page!