There is a lot to see in this small country of Montenegro. During the past few years, Montenegro has been an increasingly popular destination for people from all over the world. Although the coast is small, the offer is diverse. In this blog, we have highlighted some really beautiful beaches that offer an amazing entertainment, food, and scenery. These are the best Montenegrin Beaches we believe you should visit.

Žanjice Beach

Used to be a private beach of the president of the former Yugoslavia. Surrounded by greenery with very clean air and even cleaner water, as evidenced by the abundance of fish. Beach has a very well equipped restaurant with fresh fish and steak. The vast majority of visitors come so they can enjoy the beautiful sea during their ride. You can catch multiple tourists’ boats that ride to Žanjice every 20-30 minutes.

Ploče Beach

Just 30 minutes from the Krašići towards Budva, there is a hidden paradise. A well-sculptured beach to the ultimate comfort and entertainment for its visitors. Beach is made on the cliffside paved with round stones and a dance pool. It includes several levels where you will find everything you need. It also has a pebble beach and boat docking. The beach is also suitable for children. It has an excellent restaurant, modern bars, security, massages and medical assistance, and free parking.

Plavi Horizonti Beach

Only 15 minutes from Tivat by car there is a 350m sandy beach in it’s own small bay. The whole beach is surrounded by pine trees and old olive trees, which certainly gives a specific sense of calmness. Parking is spacious and but charged. You can take long walks in the shade or find your place in the restaurant to grab some food. The water is shallow and very warm with a beautiful blue color. The beach has sports fields that add to the fun factor.

Mamula Beach

Is located on a small island at the exit of Kotor Bay with truly breathtaking views. With the fact, that Mamula is the island fortress you can only access it via a boat. The view is fantastic, the water is incredibly deep but clear. The coast is rocky but there is also gravel where the boats dock. The fortress is from the 19th century which served as a first-line defense. it is very mysterious to investigate and even a horror film was made on the island. The island is known for its very colorful subtropical and tropical vegetation as well as a very special specimen of mimosa.

Arza plaza

Completely hidden wild untouched beaches usually visited by just a few. The beach is from pebble, surrounded by greenery with that separates from old fortress Arza. The views are stretched to the Open Seas towards Italy. The beach can be reached only by boat.

Jaz Beach

Definitely one of the largest and most popular beaches in this area. In 2015 Lonely Planet put it in the top 10 beaches in Europe. Beach is position in it’s beautiful bay overlooking the open sea. The water is very clean and the beach is divided into gravel and sandy parts. There are several top restaurants on the beach and the possibility of renting a jet ski and various entertainment for children.

Montenegrin Beaches

Dobreč Beach

One of the hidden small pebble beaches is just 70m long, situated in a bay surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. What makes this beach different is the crystalline sea breeze that is constantly bubbling and absolute peace. This is due to the difficult access by road and no beach bars.

Ada Bojana Beach

It has a special place for all Montenegrin beaches. It occupies an area of ​​600 hectares at approximately 3000m and is connected by a bridge to the mainland. While it offers an abundance of tranquility, unspoiled nature with an excellent climate, Ada also has beach bars, restaurants, and volleyball courts. It is also possible to rent houses along the river for a few days and live that relax life. An additional benefit of this area Is the nudist beach. There are a lot of unique vegetation animal specimens that you can’t find anywhere in Europe. Most of the beach is fine sand that extends into the sea.

Great Ulcinj Beach

It’s called the Great beach because it 12km long filled with fine sand. This is one of the most beautiful Montenegrin beaches. People say that some parts of the sand have healing properties. The sunsets are unbelievably beautiful and winds are favorable for all kinds of water sports. You will find numerous beach restaurants and bars filled with all the amenities you may need.

Waikiki Beach

Out of all Montenegrin Beaches this one is closest to Stone Nest. It is a modern, new and highly visited pebble beach. only 15 minutes by car from the Stone Nest. it has a large parking lot, a beach bar, restaurants and all the necessary mobiles for a comfortable stay. It is fully adapted for children.

Sveti Stefan Beach

Its located just about 35km from Stone Nest and it is the most attractive and exclusive beach in this Montenegro. Specific for its red sand and surroundings views of the island of St. Stefan. The beach is divided into the left and right side of the bay which is 1170m long. Currently, it’s managed by Sveti Stefan beach chairs and restaurants.


Montenegro has many more stunning beaches that you can visit, but we shared these due to their significance, offering, and proximity to Stone Nest. If you want to organize a trip to any of them ask your host when you check-in and they will take care of it.