Perast dates back to 1336 and is only a 25-minute drive from Stone Nest. Already at that time, it was a very important maritime city that had a shipyard. Interesting information is that the city had one of the most respected and first naval schools from which the big names in sailing came from. Most of the beautiful 16 stone palaces date from that time period and there are no new and modern buildings. The Baroque and Renaissance style prevails at every turn. The city is not accessible by car and has only one main street along the entire coast. You will have to park your car at the beginning and then walk through the city.

There are about 240 sunny days a year in the winter than, which is much more than even French Riviera. Once a famous and very rich town, today has only 860 inhabitants, and during the winter it is almost completely quiet. The city does not have a city beach, instead plenty of private “pontas” from numerous villas.

From the main road, you start to access side streets which will lead you to houses towards the top of the hill. In the very center of the town square which represents a beating heart of the city. There you will find a giant stone sphere that splits the city in two. In the square, you will immediately notice an imposing church of St. Nicholas, which has a bell tower 55 meters high. Unfortunately, the church has never been fully completed due to a lack of funds, although it was attempted many times.

A monument commemorating the victory of Perastan against the Turks on May 15, 1654, stands on the west wall and today, a ceremony is known as “Gadanje kokota”. This festival is attended by all the locals and numerous tourists each year. City ​​music and the Navy of Bokelj go through the city parading. They go to the cemetery to pay tribute to the Academic and Admiral Brajkovic.

The most impressive palace is certainly the Bujovic House, which hasn’t left anyone indifferent.

Perast is a small town but regardless of that, there are as many as 17 Orthodox and 2 Catholic churches. At the top of the hill, there is a St. Annan’s Church, which is very famous for its murals.

Opposite the town there are 2 small islands, one of which is St. George with a monastery. The second island is artificial and has a church which is partly a museum, famously recognized as Lady of the Rock. The museum has beautiful exhibits brought by the sailors from their voyages in gratitude. There you will also find the most famous tapestry whose production lasted for an incredible 25 years.

perast-lady of the rock

During the summer months, life in the city is hectic and has various cultural events. Certainly the most famous is called “Fasinada”, it represents when the men of Perast with their moored boats carry the stones to the artificial island and throw it out there, thus adding to it. In Perast you will find several amazing local fish restaurants where you can try various specialties.

So if you want a excellent place to visit during a day, and potentially ride a boat from Stone Nest to it, then this is a perfect match. Once you book your villa at Stone Nest ask your hosts to prepare a trip for you and your family.