Rent a House or a Villa with Stone Nest instead of your standard hotel and experience a new type of vacation.

How was your last hotel experience? Did you enjoy your trip, explore the city, nature, eat some good food and then came back to your hotel room ready to sleep just to realize you can’t? Room next door decide to watch some tv show on the loudest possible settings, or your pillow is of terrible quality, or room is too small for you and your family. I bet at some point you have had such experience and more often than not you keep having the same issue.


Additionally, hotel rooms are quite small, even if you go for a suite it will not be close to one of Stone Nest Houses. Privacy is another concern you may have because in the hotel you are close to people, room to room, shared pools, restaurants, and no personal care. Our Stone Houses have private terraces, thick stone walls, and spacious interior so your stay will be as private and comfortable as possible.


Check these articles for more about why you should rent a house instead book a hotel:


When you rent a house at Stone Nest privacy and luxury goes hand in hand. Most larger hotels now have pools and spas, but you will often find them crowded which can spoil your experience. Our larger Stone Villas have their own private pool, sauna and even a wine cellar for those special times. Experience a wonderful vacation away from watching eyes and into the opulence of Stone Nest service.

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If you have a family or like to travel than renting a house beats any hotel by far. All of our homes have a fully equipped kitchen so you can make yourself a meal at any point in time and skip those overpriced hotel menus. In addition, you can wash and dry your clothes at any point so you will always have a clean outfit ready to wear no matter what. When you rent an actual house during a longer stay you will feel like coming back to something yours and not some small hotel room you use only to sleep in.

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Stone Nest is well suited for older people as well both with our geographical location and the design of the village. Major hotels are often located in the heart of the city and with that bring a lot of outside noise, large crowds and no place to take a peaceful walk. If you decide to book one of our villas you will be surrounded by hills and green fields where you can hear only birds singing in the morning while you breathe the fresh air. You will never hear loud music, yelling or construction instead you can take this vacation at your pace and not be disturbed by those around you.


One of the most annoying parts of booking hotel are the hidden fees. You will often find that once you get to the checkout page they will stack-up multiple fees which will substantially increase your price. One the other hand Stone Nest doesn’t have those, in addition, if you book through our website you will receive a better deal.


Regardless of if you are traveling with the significant other, or large family our Villas will provide you with a superior experience. Our team can organize your entire stay with us from airport pick-up to various tours of cities and Kotor Bay. Secure yourself and experience where things will be about you and your happiness and we guarantee you won’t forget it.


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