Do you spend hours each day searching the internet for that perfect vacation place for you? And usually you are not able to find exactly what you want, most often you are forced to choose between several mediocre choices. Stone Nest Vacation experience is for you.

Today you are bombarded by hundreds of offers of which all seem to be made by the same template or offer “usual” vacation. And if you are reading this blog you don’t want that, you deserve new experience. A house which will provide you with a comfortable place to stay but besides that offer exemplary service that exceeds all of your expectations in addition to unmatched view!

Today we all search for things that are special to us, a unique experience which you can remember in found memory. Our team started the restoration of this village with this goal in mind, Stone Nest offers you a look into the antique Montenegrin history but with all modern and luxurious accessories, you could ever wish for.

Besides the living areas, we can create a specialized vacation plan, so from the moment you land a professional staff of people will take care of your needs. We can offer you organic and local Montenegrin food, nature walks, daily excursion, boat tours, and much more. From us, this is a commitment of excellent service we want to provide to all of our guests. And to this end, each guest who stays at one of our properties will receive complimentary welcome wine, cheese, and prosciutto!

In a vacation, we all seek privacy, comfort, our very own peace and there is no better place to get that than a hidden stone village. On the other hand, almost all of us also want to go out and explore, see what’s around you, visit cities and key interest. To this extent, we partnered up with many local businesses to make it another strong part of our offer. Stone Nest is located just 20 minutes from Kotor and Tivat by car and 15 minutes walk to several near beaches. If you are fan of shopping and marinas you can jump to Porto Montenegro or newly built Porto Novi either by boat or car.

Our stone houses are surrounded by green fields and hills which truly provides a relaxing and comforting environment. Furthermore, each house has it’s own terrace which makes a perfect spot for a morning coffee and late night drink. And if you choose one of our largest villas you will have your own private pool!

Stone Nest vacation

If you want to be closer to the sea we strongly recommend our Boat Stone House which is right on the seaside. This house is newly furnished and has all the amenities to ensure a comfortable time on your vacation. You will also have private parking and an entire villa is surrounded by a stone wall which adds to the privacy

Reward yourself with a truly special vacation, discover the beauty of Montenegro with Stone Nest. Every aspect of your stay will be tailored to fit your needs including your further exploration of Boka Bay and local cities. Regardless of your vacation preference, we are here to make it happen, and are excited to see which of our Stone Houses you choose next!