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About the Retreat

Unique Zen experience

Healing + Anti-stress + Reiki + Meditation + Healthy Nutrition + Medieval Village

If you are often under preasure and you need to heal yourself quickly, the best way to boost your energy is to spend one week with us in extraordinary place on ZEN Retreat. You can restore your inner power by booking your place now and join us from  9th until 16th of November 2019. in Stone Nest Resort in Montenegro.

Benefits of Zen Retreat:

Recovery & Gaining strength

Emotional Relief & Joy

Remove Psyhoemotional Stress

Mental Peace and Calmness

Learning Mindfulness Skills

Balancing Energy and Healing Life

Years in organizing

Happy Attendees

Retreat Programs Held

Unique Location

About the Instructor – Vedar Vedski

My awakening process started 10 years ago, and on that journey, I became Master Teacher of Reiki, Teacher of Breathing Techniques, Meditator, Regression Therapist (QHHT method), Nutrition Coach, NLP Trainer, COB House Builder, Martial Art Practitioner, Father, Rhodesian Ridgeback owner, and Retreat Manager.

I gain my knowledge in UK, Russia, France, Croatia, and Serbia. I speak English and Russian fluently. With my extended experience, I’m excited to guide people through personal transformation, through lectures I give, treatments and retreats. Love the process of awakening and all the benefits of it. That why I created this Zen Retreat, with the intention to restore the balance in your mind and body. I welcome you on this unique experience. 



During this 7 days, we will carry out series of exercises and techniques that are carefully selected for you. With professional assistance from Vedar Vedski, we will restore the connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Some of the methods that will be used are:

– Healthy food (Vegan, Vegetarian or restricted meat dishes)

– Master Reiki treatments

– Breathing techniques

– Preparation of food

– Development of creativity

– Spending time in nature

– Stone houses with a unique vibration

– Hiking or cycling


About Reiki

Reiki is a technique that helps us to restore the balance in our body. It works on an energetic level, by unblocking chakras and meridians, enabling energy to flow freely. Benefits are felt on a physical, emotional and mental level. Reiki is approved by the World Health Organisation and it become a widespread method in modern society. During Zen Retreat, you will find out more details about Reiki and go through the professional treatment performed by Reiki Master.

List of activities that we will AVOID:

– Sitting in front of the TV

– Spending a lot of time in front of monitors and smartphones

– Eating big portions of meat or white sugar

– Drinking alcohol or sodas

– Using drugs

– Stay awake till late hours


Schedule for daily activities:

7-8 am Waking up + smoothie

9-11 am Outdoor activities (beach or hiking)

11:30am-12:30 pm Lunch

12:30pm – 1:30 pm Relax time

2:00-5:00pm Workshop

5:00-8:00pm Afternoon outdoor activity

8:30 – 9:00 pm Light dinner

9:00-10:00 pm Sharing experience and summary

10:30 pm Bedtime


List of workshops:

Day 1: Breathing technique

Day 2: Reiki

Day 3: Nutrition

Day 4: Emotional intelligence

Day 5: Reiki

Day 6: Sightseeing of medieval locations

Day 7: Integration

About Stone Nest Village

The ZEN Retreat will be held at Stone Nest, a restored medieval part of the village of Djurasevic. Stone Nest is the first17th century restored stone village in Montenegro. These historic stone buildings served as home for shepherds, farmers, animals and storage for crops. The restoration took three years in the making and is now a tranquil resort in Tivat Bay.
Immerse yourself and emerge with a new-found sense of health and well-being. The simple art of walking by the sea or in the wildlife surrounding Stone Nest creates an environment of possibility and change.



 Price for ZEN Retreat is 889 per person. Couples get an additional 10% off.

 These prices include all activities including transportation from Tivat Airport, workshops, food and beverages, lodging and other materials related to the ZEN Retreat. Stone Nest has a total of 16 single beds, four double beds, suited for couples or anyone willing to share accommodations with new or old friends.

300 non-refundable deposit
In the event of cancellation by the guest, regardless of circumstances, the following refund fees, minus the deposit apply:
-Cancellation 2 weeks before Retreat: 50 percent
-No refund will be given for cancellation 14 days or less, before event.




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